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Phuket – The Pearl of Thailand

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand famous for its natural beauties. It is also a separate province in the Kingdom of Thailand. Phuket is located on the west side of the country, in the warm Andaman Sea, and is world wide famous as one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. Although it’s an island you can get there with a car or bus because it’s connected with the mainland with a bridge. Of course you can also use the most comfortable type of transport to get directly to Phuket – airplane.

The name Phuket comes from the Malay word Phuket which means “hill”. As soon as you arrive to the island you will notice that there are a lot of hills and beautiful nature. The best beaches are located on the west part of the island. The city of Phuket is on the right side of the island and so is the sea port which you can use to travel to other coastal places. From the city of Phuket you can catch a bus (there are plenty of lines) and go to some of the beaches and for shorter destinations between towns and beaches you can use a taxi, tuk-tuk or  songthaew.

The most popular – Patong beach – is the perfect place for all fans of water sports and the town of Patong is the center of nightlife on the island, whether you are looking for crowded clubs or sitting on a sandy beach with your partner or friends. Many people think that it’s just Patong that Phuket has to offer, but they are wrong! Phuket has a lot more to offer, like Karon Beach, the second beach on the list of popularity. The town is much quieter and instead of discos you can visit local restaurants and cafes. Further south is Kata Beach a lovely beach and a popular spot for family vacation.

A trip to the city of Phuket is inevitable wherever you are staying. If you start your trip from Patong you can observe the region from the Kata Viewpoint. You can also see some of the dozens of Buddhist temples located on the island. When in Phuket, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Old Phuket Town where you will see colorful houses and the visible European influence on the local architecture.

These are some of the things that you can do on “The Pearl of Thailand” – Phuket – the most popular island in Thailand.