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World Travel Tips – Make your Journey Amazing

This world is full of beautiful places that people want to explore during their vacations. Different people want to travel to different parts of the world. For example, one who is a history lover will visit to the places that have some Wonders. The one who wants to be romantic with her spouse will love to explore places like Switzerland, India, etc. And those who are going with family and kids will look for places where their kids can do a lot of fun; for example, Disney land in Bangkok.

So, different people will have different taste and thereby, different places to explore. This is one the reasons many groups go out for a world travel tour so that each member in the group will not only be having fun at his or her favourite place but also to the places that other member do want to envision. Wherever you are going to travel in this world, you need to follow some nice tips to keep you safe, healthy, and be enjoying.

·         If you have allergy from any specific thing then inform the travel agency in advance. For example, if you are allergic to dust, then they will have to ensure that you are not in touch with dust.

·         If you cannot be with heat of Sun or cold weather then you must need to make arrangement in advance. For example, if you are visiting an area which is too much hot then carry Sun Screen lotion and an umbrella. And, if you travel to a cold area then keep the required clothes and accessories with you.

·         Keep the first aid box with you if you are not going via a travel agency. If you are going with travel agency then they will look after your safety.

·         Always inform your nears and dears where you are going and where you will be staying. Tell them a way using which they can contact you in case of need.

·         Keep your mobile phone always up so that others can contact you and you may also make a call in need.

·         Never argue with localities for issues like transport, etc.

·         Never show off your valuable assets, as they may cause trouble.

 These are the tips that you must follow when you are on world travel tour.

Famous Sports of Thailand

Thailand is famous due to several reasons including its sports. One of the reasons that have made Thailand so much popular is its sports. In this post, you will get some information about famous Thailand Sports.

Muay Thai – A world famous fight art. It is a form of kickboxing and is also known as Thai boxing. It is not just a sport for Thailand but an extra ordinary sport because it is the national sport of Thailand. It is one of the sports that bring lots of medals in Olympics every time. Muay Thai is different from Western boxing because that was limited to use of body parts. In Muay Thai, you can have kicks, punches, knees stroke, elbow strikes, etc.

Takraw – It is a native game of Thailand, which is enjoyed everywhere in Thailand. In this game, players have to hit a rattan ball with feet, knees, chest, and head, which means they cannot use their hands to touch the ball while playing the game. Another form of this game is Sepak Takraw, which is similar to Volleyball but with some differences.

Golf – If you want to know the Golf Capital of Asia then the name is Thailand. Yes, Thailand is called the Golf capital of Asia. Golfers from all over the world come here to have some special moments spend on the golf courses here in Thailand. Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Korea, UK, and the USA are some of the names to mention from where people come here to play Golf. One of the main reasons is the climate and the abundance of golf courses. There are about 200 golf courses in Thailand where you can play golf almost every day. Alpine Golf & Sports Club, Thai Country Club, Amata Spring Country Club, and Black Mountain Golf Club are a few famous golf courses.

Apart from these sports, there are many other famous sports in Thailand like basketball, kite fighting, rugby, weightlifting, boat racing, scuba diving etc.

Tips to Make Travel Comfortable in Japan

If you want to travel to Japan, does not matter from which corner of the world, you will find this news – in fact tips, very helpful. These tips are being shared to make your trip to Japan comfortable.

  • If you are travelling to Japan for a few days then you may want to get a router on rent. With a router, you can keep you online on multiple devices like laptop, smartphone, etc. It will also help you save money when you need to make calls. You can use Skype to Skype call and save money.
  • As you are here in Japan on a Travel trip, you should book Japan’s only foreigner-only rail pass, which lets you go from one place to another in Japan at very low cost. The only amount you pay is for the pass and rest all is free. This way you can save a lot of money.
  • If you are in Japan but do not understand Japanese then Google App  – Google Translator may be a helpful App for you. Get it downloaded in your smartphone even before you step down in Japan. It will help you to quickly translate Japanese to your local language or in English so that you do not feel you in unrest.
  • Keep your hotel address in Japanese and English both. You can either take help of someone in hotel to get the address pen down on a paper or can take its printout. This will be helpful in case you forget the way to hotel or your phone is out of battery. You can simply show the address to the taxi driver and he will drop you at the hotel.
  • Get Japanese Currency to avoid any hurdle because you may find that our card is not accepted at many shops, restaurants, etc.

Consider these tips when you want to travel to Japan. Hope this news and tips will be helpful.