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Travel in Thailand and have unlimited fun

Being a tourist you cannot ignore Thailand as a travel destination. You must have either visited or are planning to visit this beautiful country. For the past two decades Thailand has consistently been one of the most sought after tourist destinations for all the travellers. Year on year there are millions of tourists who travel to Thailand to experience one of the best and most preferred locations in the world.

The main reason for Thailandtravel is because of its diversity. There are huge mountains with a beautiful climate and fog to compliment it. However there is no snow but this does not stop it from being one of the most visited places all year round. It has a very famous and rich diversity along with heritage.

Apart from the hills and mountainous regions there are beautiful islands and beaches across Thailand and is also famous for the beach activities. It has many water sports which are very popular among the tourists.

Thailand is a Buddhist country by religion as most of the population follows it.Their way of living is very traditional and presents a very charming insight in the progress of Thailand.

This is not all that there is to Thailand. The night life is also very popular with the tourists and there are many travelers who just come to enjoy the night life of this country. The cuisines of Thailand are the best and offer an irresistible package. The accessibility is also a major reason for the popularity of Thailand’s night life. This helps the tourists visit the most remote areas without any difficulty. This feature attracts a large group of visitors to this wonderful place.

In spite of the rich culture and tradition, the infrastructure of this country is the most contemporary feature of Thailand. All these make Thailand a great land for holidays.

Exploring Thailand in few days

Thailand is a magical land and that’s something that can be confirmed from any foreigner that has visited this amazing Asian country. If you want to travel to this country without a plan you will probably need weeks in order to explore all its major attractions. Since almost all of us have limited time to travel abroad we have made a short-term plan to take a look at Thailand’s most important locations.

The tours in Thailand usually start in Bangkok – the capital of this kingdom. Take your time and wonder around the city but don’t forget to visit the Grand Palace. Another thing that is interesting about this city is the two unusual Buddhist temples – Wat Trimitr (where the gigantic statue of Buddha in gold is located) and Wat Po one of the most spacious temples in whole Thailand with another gigantic Buddha statue. The Grand Palace is the finest example of the once glorious ancient Siamese kingdom.

You can’t say that you know Thailand if you don’t visit the city of Ayuthaya – ancient capital of Siam that was destroyed during Burmese Wars in the 18th century. Visiting Wat Yai Mongkol temple is a must. There is another interesting temple that is now in ruins – Wat Chai Wattanaram.

Lampang is another interesting location in Thailand. This city is home to the wooden palace called Baan Sao Nak (over one century old) and this is the place where Wat Chedi Sao is located. This temple is known outside the borders of Thailand because the priests that live there are known for production of various natural remedies that can cure many diseases and medical conditions.

The north of Thailand is considered to be the most beautiful part of Thailand by many travelers. Chiang Rai is the biggest city in the north and it is often used as a base to explore the various landscapes, high mountains and fertile fields around it. Depending on the altitude, the natural vegetation consists of chains of bamboo forest, conifers, and tropical and mountain forest. This grandiose region, often covered in mist, is inhabited by many indigenous people.

These are only some of the places that you can explore on your short stay in Thailand. This country is truly remarkable so if you decide to travel there, try to stay as long as you can.

How to Travel alone to Southeast Asia

While there are people who love to travel in a group; there are also men and women who love to travel Asia alone. Travelling alone is a pleasure itself but when you travel alone anywhere in this world then you have to be very cautious, as in case of need, you may feel alone as well. Here we have some nice tips for you that may help you to make your Travel to Asia superb.

Before you leave home, you shall gather all basic information about the destination you are going to explore in Southeast Asia. You should only visit the areas that are safe to travel alone. If you find information saying that travelling to a destination alone is not safe then you should rather avoid visiting that place. However, if you are an adventurous person and want to visit that area despite the fact you have found then you have to be extra cautious.

When you start to travel to Asia then inform your family members in details about the location you are going to visit. And, if possible, try to give them some contact numbers so that they can approach you when needed. If it is not possible to share contact details then at least inform your family members about the hotel where you stay. As you travelling alone, do not try to expose you like if you lot of money and gadgets. Try to behave like a normal person who is just a common man not a rich one. Keep all your cash in money belt. And, if you are fond to wear jewellery then try to avoid it when you travel to a destination anywhere in this world including Asia. If you want then wear cheap jewellery, which if misplaced, you do not come across much loss. Make regular calls to your friends or family members and tell them about where you visited and what you did. Also tell them about your next destination. These are some tips that can turn your travel to Asia in a great journey.