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Thailand – Travel to the heart of South Asia

Thailand is known as the gem of Southeast Asia. There are several travelers from across the globe that enjoy a blissful time in Thailand. It is no wonder that Thailand is a very popular vacation spot. There are many places of interest in this picturesque landscape. You can visit the famous Buddhist temples, breath taking sceneries and the other natural beauty that you will come across for which Thailand is very famous.

The perfect time that you should make a trip to Thailand is from the period of Feb to March, this is the time wherein the climate is just too good and pleasant, you will enjoy your travel to the fullest during this time. However, the weather can turn a little unpredictable so you will have to be ready for unexpected surprises which will be in the form of heavy humidity.

Thailand is usually swamped during the months of August, November and December. The air ticket rates also simply shoot up during this time as it is considered to be the peak season wherein you will be accompanied by various other nationals with your travel.

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to shell out a lot of money then you can visit Thailand during the off season wherein you will get very good rates for food, accommodation and other traveling expenses.

However, you need not be disappointed if you do not have the time to visit Thailand during the off season. You can still get some really good bundle deals even in the peak season time if you visit tourist locations such as Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Shopping is another activity that you can go berserk with. Thailand is very popular for its flea markets that can offer you some amazing deals.

Your visit to Thailand will be all the more amazing if you take up initial training for its traditional martial arts sport Muay Thai.

Europe Travel

In order to get a worldly view in a short span of time, you need to travel Europe. This continent has a rich history which is multicultural and is often left out in the books. You can gain insights into some of the most interesting history of humans as you proceed in your Europe travel. Every country of Europe has its own unique history for you to explore in depth.

Make sure to carry winter wear as this continent is cold usually. On your Europe travel get a stopover at Spain and eat Catalans which is a famous dish there. It is a mixture of delicious red pepper and eggplant and zucchini which gives a spice to your life. Flamingo is a very famous dance form which has its roots from Spain. Give it a shot as there are plenty of dancers who are willing to help a novice all the time.

Europe being a friendly continent has the signs printed in different languages like English and French and Spanish and German. However it may be difficult for tourists to read the signs in the less spoken languages, so they have been printed in German being the common language there.

The rich culture of Europe is really amazing to experience. However Bretons is a very famous ethnic group which is on the verge of extinction. SO if you are travelling to Europe then you may see these ethnic groups in person and experience the same before it disappears. The Bretons have been famous in the world of history for their beautiful castles.

If you are a traveler and like to explore different genres then visiting Europe today is a necessity for you. It will not only be a vacation but also an opportunity to see the important part of Europe which is vanishing at a fast pace. In the coming years the remaining part of Bretons and Sorbs will get extinct and so will their rich heritage and culture.

Thailand travel at the cheapest

Get your backpack ready and travel to Thailand at the cheapest rates. For a low cost budget in Thailand, book a ticket and be prepared to explore every detail. Once you are out to ecplore there is no looking back. Most of the backpackers and travellers would know this fact that when it comes to low cost travel then Thailand takes good care of it. Let us now look at how to do it.

The best way to travel cheap is to travel by buses and trains and vans including boats if the location permits. The rule says that where there is a road there is transport. You may also decide on the style you want to travel in Thailand. You may go the local style or the VIP way and pay top dollars for the best standards. For instance a VIP 24 seater bus with air conditioning will cost you a little extra but give you a comfortable trip. Else you can even find local buses or vans on the similar routes and pay less than half the VIP bus rates. You will anyways get to your destination though.

This confirms that travel in Thailand can be easily possible by catching local buses and vans and travel like the local Thai people. You will find people who sit in low cost seats for a 12 hour train ride rather than shelling out a little extra and get bunk beds.

Booking a bus with all the amenities is what all travellers do. But going somewhere unannounced and without a plan is fun and exciting. For $10 you can travel 5 hour journey to a new part of Thailand, but the only concern would be that the bus might be full and the driver a maniac but travel will still be on the agenda and you will reach your destination no matter what. So go ahead and book your tickets for the other side of Thailand travel.