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The best of Nightlife in Phuket 2014

Phuket’s nightlife is as varied as its topography. From wild A-Go-Gos to quiet little beer bars to all-out club action to sipping a Mai Thai at a beach bar, it’s all there for those who want it. Of course, Patong is undeniably Party Central with Bangla Road the beating heart of the Beast but Kata and Karon have similar, if not more modest, nightlife scenes while even Phuket Town boasts a few hopping clubs that cater mainly to locals.

Surin Beach features the classy StereoLab while nearby Cherng Talay has a cluster of bars in Tinlay Place near to the Laguna entrance but other than that this area is quiet. Lastly, Rawai, in the south of the island, is fast becoming a party town.

Bangtao is not the best choice if your main goal is to party in Phuket. Having said that, since 2008 Bangtao Beach has seen the opening of trendy new venues such asBliss beach club and Xana Club which offer food, drinks and entertainment – including international DJs till late.

Tinlay Place, at the Phuket Laguna entrance, has a cluster of bars and restaurants that have a faithful long-term expatriate following. From early evening on you’ll find people heading towards Peppers Sports Bar or Tatonka to catch up on the latest news. The Supper Club with its extensive menu also has a good wine list and good music.

Besides these places, nightlife in Bangtao can also be a chill-out event with a drink at one of the reggae joints at the northern part of the beach.

Once the haunt of yachties dropping anchor for a season or two, Chalong used to have just a couple of bars where sailors met for a drink or three. Most of the old bars are still there, but Chalong has undergone a facelift in recent times.

The smart pier, long enough at 800 metres to warrant a shuttle bus service, has also encouraged a cluster of new restaurants and cafes to open along the entrance road. In high season, most bars stay open until 02:00 but shut down as early as 10:00 in the low season (June-October).

Although Kamala has recently grown rapidly, you can still enjoy the seaside village atmosphere that first attracted visitors all those years ago. The beachside bars are a good spot for a sundowner and to catch a glimpse of local fisherman coming in for the night.

When the sun goes down, most visitors enjoy strolling through the village to one of the small local restaurants – basic but tasty. During the high season months, local vendors set up stalls along the beach, so you can pick up some beachwear bargains and souvenirs at leisure.

Top Locations That You Must Visit When in Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and it is located in the south west in the beautiful Andaman Sea. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

Thousands of tourists enjoy their holidays here every year. There are so many things to do and see in Phuket that it is almost impossible to list them all. However these few places are certainly on the top of that list.

Phang Nga Bay – This bay is well-known for the breath taking nature that it has. The green water with some amazing sculpture-like cliffs will surely make you take dozens of photos while you are there. There are organized tours to this bay and you can get there very fast for affordable price. Make sure to visit some of the isolated small beaches that this bay has to offer.

Kata Noi – This beautiful beach is located on the west side of Phuket. It is open for the public but it also has some resorts with their own separate beaches. The sand is pristine and the water is crystal clear and people who love water sports will certainly be satisfied! Thailand has a lot of beautiful beaches but this one is certainly on the top.

Phrompthep Cape – Watching the sunset in Phuket is amazing. But there is one place that makes this thing spectacular and that is Phrompthep Cape. This spot is capturing all the beauty of Phuket. Phrompthep Cape is highly recommended for all romantic people and enthusiast photographers too!

Koh Yao Yai – This small island located near Phuket is a perfect getaway from all the crowds that are usual for Phuket. If you are looking for a quiet place to drink your morning coffee or for water with low tides that is easy to swim in then Koh Yao Yai is the place for you.

Phuket Botanic Garden – If you love beautiful flowers and plants don’t miss Phuket Botanic Garden. This place is offering so many different unique trees and flowers and we are pretty sure that even people who have no interest in this area will find this place amazing. This is probably the best botanic garden in whole Thailand.


Phuket is much more than a place with good nightlife. It has many other things to offer and we have shared some of them with you. Enjoy!

Visit Thailand Amazon for the refresh air at “Phangnga”

The south have a reputation that have rainfall throughout the year with the terrain of the South is different from other sectors so many provinces of the South in Thailand was name as a city of eight rain and four sunlight.

Likewise with “Phangnga” which is known as one of the most rain provinces. With weather like this, the most he tourists travel to Phangnga during the high season or only November-May. Many people see the rainy season will be the barrier to travel but if use the optimism perspective, this season make the trees look green and fresh ozone is most suitable to breath.

“Phangnga” is a province that rich in natural resources both in the large and small islands, mountains, waterfalls and caves like the province’s motto ‘Massive mining industry, Ban Klang Nam “floating house” delightful caves, strangely-shaped hills, Jampun flower, rich in resources’. With these resources, Phangnga became a one province for the great travel.

For a tour of “Ramble travel” in this time, we will travel with the project “Lady Journey Go Green … visited the old city in Andaman, Phang Nga” by a visit to experience nature in a different way. Due to this rainy season is might not be ideal for go to the beach but if you want to know what the kind of this trip, you should follow we together.

We start at “Coastal Fisheries Research and Development in Phang Nga” located on the coastal road along the end of the mine far away 4 kilometers from the district center. This is the research study center to develop coastal aquaculture which is an important economic whether cultured clownfish, sea turtles, giant clams including Sea grapes.