Visit Thailand Amazon for the refresh air at “Phangnga”

The south have a reputation that have rainfall throughout the year with the terrain of the South is different from other sectors so many provinces of the South in Thailand was name as a city of eight rain and four sunlight.

Likewise with “Phangnga” which is known as one of the most rain provinces. With weather like this, the most he tourists travel to Phangnga during the high season or only November-May. Many people see the rainy season will be the barrier to travel but if use the optimism perspective, this season make the trees look green and fresh ozone is most suitable to breath.

“Phangnga” is a province that rich in natural resources both in the large and small islands, mountains, waterfalls and caves like the province’s motto ‘Massive mining industry, Ban Klang Nam “floating house” delightful caves, strangely-shaped hills, Jampun flower, rich in resources’. With these resources, Phangnga became a one province for the great travel.

For a tour of “Ramble travel” in this time, we will travel with the project “Lady Journey Go Green … visited the old city in Andaman, Phang Nga” by a visit to experience nature in a different way. Due to this rainy season is might not be ideal for go to the beach but if you want to know what the kind of this trip, you should follow we together.

We start at “Coastal Fisheries Research and Development in Phang Nga” located on the coastal road along the end of the mine far away 4 kilometers from the district center. This is the research study center to develop coastal aquaculture which is an important economic whether cultured clownfish, sea turtles, giant clams including Sea grapes.

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