Thailand travel guide

Thailand is a beautiful country packed with great landscapes and lush green national parks. The sun kissed white sand beaches are an amazing view for every traveller. The tropical blue waters make a romantic getaway for all the honeymooners. Thailand is become one of the most visited tourist destinations around the world. There are millions of travellers coming to Thailand every year making it popular than ever. However there are many places of tourist interest that make Thailand so famous. The rich heritage and culture along with Buddhism make it evergreen. Most of the people of Thailand follow Buddhism. Huge sculptures of Lord Buddha are historic places that are visited by tourists every year.

The climate of Thailand is moderate and is suitable to every traveller. The water sports and activities are a must do here. Kayaking, snorkelling, jet skiing, Para sailing are some of the many activities that are held at the beaches of Thailand. The small cities of Thailand have a lot to offer to its visitors. Every city has something extraordinary which makes them special in its own way. The tour operators make this journey a memorable one by arranging for every single necessity right from travel to accommodations to meals and sightseeing as well. All this at an affordable price; that is hard to imagine.

For the people who wish to explore the real Thailand, there are many interior places that can be amazing. The north of Thailand is filled with such places. It is the most interesting part of Thailand with landscaped mountains and lakes and rivers. Orchid farming is also done in these parts and all this makes it really interesting. Trekking is also done here and for the adventurous ones this is a heaven on earth. Thailand has always surprised everyone with its diversity and varied culture.

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