Thailand travel at the cheapest

Get your backpack ready and travel to Thailand at the cheapest rates. For a low cost budget in Thailand, book a ticket and be prepared to explore every detail. Once you are out to ecplore there is no looking back. Most of the backpackers and travellers would know this fact that when it comes to low cost travel then Thailand takes good care of it. Let us now look at how to do it.

The best way to travel cheap is to travel by buses and trains and vans including boats if the location permits. The rule says that where there is a road there is transport. You may also decide on the style you want to travel in Thailand. You may go the local style or the VIP way and pay top dollars for the best standards. For instance a VIP 24 seater bus with air conditioning will cost you a little extra but give you a comfortable trip. Else you can even find local buses or vans on the similar routes and pay less than half the VIP bus rates. You will anyways get to your destination though.

This confirms that travel in Thailand can be easily possible by catching local buses and vans and travel like the local Thai people. You will find people who sit in low cost seats for a 12 hour train ride rather than shelling out a little extra and get bunk beds.

Booking a bus with all the amenities is what all travellers do. But going somewhere unannounced and without a plan is fun and exciting. For $10 you can travel 5 hour journey to a new part of Thailand, but the only concern would be that the bus might be full and the driver a maniac but travel will still be on the agenda and you will reach your destination no matter what. So go ahead and book your tickets for the other side of Thailand travel.

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