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Top Locations That You Must Visit When in Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and it is located in the south west in the beautiful Andaman Sea. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

Thousands of tourists enjoy their holidays here every year. There are so many things to do and see in Phuket that it is almost impossible to list them all. However these few places are certainly on the top of that list.

Phang Nga Bay – This bay is well-known for the breath taking nature that it has. The green water with some amazing sculpture-like cliffs will surely make you take dozens of photos while you are there. There are organized tours to this bay and you can get there very fast for affordable price. Make sure to visit some of the isolated small beaches that this bay has to offer.

Kata Noi – This beautiful beach is located on the west side of Phuket. It is open for the public but it also has some resorts with their own separate beaches. The sand is pristine and the water is crystal clear and people who love water sports will certainly be satisfied! Thailand has a lot of beautiful beaches but this one is certainly on the top.

Phrompthep Cape – Watching the sunset in Phuket is amazing. But there is one place that makes this thing spectacular and that is Phrompthep Cape. This spot is capturing all the beauty of Phuket. Phrompthep Cape is highly recommended for all romantic people and enthusiast photographers too!

Koh Yao Yai – This small island located near Phuket is a perfect getaway from all the crowds that are usual for Phuket. If you are looking for a quiet place to drink your morning coffee or for water with low tides that is easy to swim in then Koh Yao Yai is the place for you.

Phuket Botanic Garden – If you love beautiful flowers and plants don’t miss Phuket Botanic Garden. This place is offering so many different unique trees and flowers and we are pretty sure that even people who have no interest in this area will find this place amazing. This is probably the best botanic garden in whole Thailand.


Phuket is much more than a place with good nightlife. It has many other things to offer and we have shared some of them with you. Enjoy!

Phuket: The Shopping Paradise

Phuket is a shopaholic’s paradise! The island has a great variety of shopping, from bustling open-air village food markets, noisy night markets, street stalls and local shops to western style department stores and upmarket specialist shops.

With traditional handicrafts, beautifully designed clothing, jewellery, antiques, housewares and much more to choose from, the only thing you’ll regret about shopping in Phuket is that you didn’t bring a bigger suitcase!

Phuket Walking Street is the latest attraction featured in Phuket Old Town. Also-known-as Lardyai (talaad yai), which means ‘big market’ in southern Thai dialect, this weekly market started in October 2013 and is hosted on the beautifully renovated Thalang Road, right in the middle of the historical Sino-Portuguese district of Phuket Town.

Thalang is a 350m-long commercial and cosmopolitan street which hosts a mix of Baba (Chinese migrants settled in Phuket at the beginning of the 20th century during the tin mining era), Thai Muslim and Indian shops. Phuket Walking Street allows visitors to discover some typical southern Thai culinary specialties as well as local handicraft and gift stalls. This weekly event (every Sunday from 16:00 – 22:00) is definitely family-oriented with the presence of toy stalls and a (free-of-charge) trampoline to entertain the little ones.

The main entrance of Phuket Walking Street is on the eastern (Phuket Road) side of Thalang Road at which a superb wooden Chinese-style gate has been installed. The gate boasts a sign with LARDYAI written in three languages (Thai, Chinese, and English) and is a popular photo op. Thalang Road was one of the first Phuket Old Town streets along which electric cables were buried in 2012, in an effort to revive its vintage splendor. Thalang Road’s Baba house facades have even been further enhanced by the addition of colour-changing lighting effects – from blue to green to magenta – on many of the townhouses along the street, giving the place a ‘history meets technology’ feeling.

Walk through the lanes of any market in Phuket and you’ll enter into the core of Thai life: all your senses will be on alert as you’ll discover new smells (sometimes repulsing) and new sights – exotic fruits or seafood for instance. The five markets below resume all that can be experienced at Thai markets which are not only shopping or dining destinations, but a full attraction in themselves.

Banana Walk is Patong’s newest shopping centre and is located just 100 metres south of Soi Bangla on the Beach Road, right next to Banana Disco. With over 4,000sqm of retail space, the mall is multilevel (three floors) and its overall design leans toward minimal and modernistic: the buffed concrete walls, the metal structure of the tall Plexiglas roof above a large open space, at night the lighting ranging from blue to red all gives Banana Walk the feeling of entering a spaceship dock in a science fiction movie.

Shopping, dining and cosmetics are the three main thrusts of this large three-storey complex in which you can find almost anything to eat, drink, or buy. You even can improve your well-being at a spa or make yourself even more pretty/handsome at an aesthetic centre or at the onsite hairdresser.


Phuket – The Pearl of Thailand

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand famous for its natural beauties. It is also a separate province in the Kingdom of Thailand. Phuket is located on the west side of the country, in the warm Andaman Sea, and is world wide famous as one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. Although it’s an island you can get there with a car or bus because it’s connected with the mainland with a bridge. Of course you can also use the most comfortable type of transport to get directly to Phuket – airplane.

The name Phuket comes from the Malay word Phuket which means “hill”. As soon as you arrive to the island you will notice that there are a lot of hills and beautiful nature. The best beaches are located on the west part of the island. The city of Phuket is on the right side of the island and so is the sea port which you can use to travel to other coastal places. From the city of Phuket you can catch a bus (there are plenty of lines) and go to some of the beaches and for shorter destinations between towns and beaches you can use a taxi, tuk-tuk or  songthaew.

The most popular – Patong beach – is the perfect place for all fans of water sports and the town of Patong is the center of nightlife on the island, whether you are looking for crowded clubs or sitting on a sandy beach with your partner or friends. Many people think that it’s just Patong that Phuket has to offer, but they are wrong! Phuket has a lot more to offer, like Karon Beach, the second beach on the list of popularity. The town is much quieter and instead of discos you can visit local restaurants and cafes. Further south is Kata Beach a lovely beach and a popular spot for family vacation.

A trip to the city of Phuket is inevitable wherever you are staying. If you start your trip from Patong you can observe the region from the Kata Viewpoint. You can also see some of the dozens of Buddhist temples located on the island. When in Phuket, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Old Phuket Town where you will see colorful houses and the visible European influence on the local architecture.

These are some of the things that you can do on “The Pearl of Thailand” – Phuket – the most popular island in Thailand.

political protest in Phuket

The whistle-blowing protestors also forced the closure of the Phuket Provincial Administration (OrBorJor) offices, which are close by. The occupation, with the mob taking over the grounds but barred from going into the building itself, is an echo of the happenings in Bangkok where huge anti-government crowds have occupied a number of government ministries. As the protestors gathered, at 9 am Pol Col Sermphan Sirikong said, “We are ready here. We will have 40 officers here each day.

Phuket is a tourist town so we have explained to the protest’s leaders that we need to be here to make sure everything is going okay. They understand. There is no problem.” The police were supported by 40 volunteers from the Volunteer Protection Office. At around 10 am , blowing whistles and chanting “Ork Pai” [get out] the protestors trooped into the grounds. An hour later, Governor Maitree Inthusut arrived.

The protestors presented him with a bouquet of flowers. Accepting it, the Governor said, “There are five meanings of this bouquet. The first one is protection of the institutions of nation, belief and royalty. The second is that I will preserve my honor as Governor. The third is that I will preserve my honesty. The fourth is that I will strictly follow the disciplines, regulations, and rules of government, and the last is that I will be a good citizen of the nation.” He then walked into the building. Pairoj Sahod, a casual worker who has been in the thick of the anti-government protests since the beginning, told The Phuket News, “I just got back from Bangkok where I joined the protest. There are about two million people in the protest, from Ratchadamnoen to Pinglao.

Phuket protesters injured in a bus crash

Six of the Phuket protesters injured in a bus crash on Saturday, while en route to anti-government rallies in Bangkok, were transferred to Phuket hospitals last night.

“They were transferred from hospitals in Surat Thani and arrived in Phuket at about 9pm,” protest co-ordinator Amnuay Kumban .

The six were admitted to Vachira Phuket Hospital, Provincial Hospital and Phuket International Hospital.

“Thanongsak Sompet, 30, and Pichit Osot, 63, are receiving treatment for head injuries,” Mr Amnuay said.

“Jirayuth Sanguansit, 63, and Sakorn Khaothong , 59, are receiving treatment for serious bruises and back pain.

“Pensri Suwanmanee, 66, broke her leg and Rattanachan Somchan, 48, suffered a broken jaw,” .

The two drivers and the remaining 36 passengers were discharged from hospitals in Surat Thani shortly after the accident, Mr Amnuay explained.

“Among them was a 10-year-old boy from Kathu who was on the bus with his parents,” he confirmed.

The protester’s bus departed Phuket at 9:30am on Saturday to join the anti-government rallies in Bangkok, which have taken the capital by storm today .

However they want to go to bangkok .