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Best National and Historical Parks of Thailand

Are you planning to visit Thailand for a few days with family or friends? If yes then first of all congratulations for making this best decision because on this earth, Thailand is one of the most beautiful place with lots of sceneries and destinations that are incomparable with other places in the world. Among several attractions, you will find the national parks and historical parks as the most attractive places as here you will experience unique things that cannot be seen anywhere else. Let us take you through some of the most famous national and historical parks on Thailand:

Erawan National Park: This park is located in Western Thailand. The prime attraction of this park is Erawan Falls, which is a water fall. It resembles Erawan, a three headed elephant of Hindu mythology.

Khao Yai National Park: This park is located in the Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which is in the eastern part of the country. It is the third-largest park on Thailand. The prime attraction of this park is wildlife that include elephants, bears, and much more.

Sukhothai Historical Park: It is located in the Northern Thailand. Here you can see the ruins of Sukhothai, which in 13th and 14th centuries was the capital of Sukhothai. Inside the park, you will see about 26 temples and a Royal Palace.

Kao Sok National Park: It is the largest virgin forest on Thailand. It is for those who want to get the real feel of natural beauty of Thailand. This park has above 5% of the total animal species that are the attraction of this park.

Ayutthaya Historical Park: It is a historical park where you will see ruins of the second capital of Siam. This capital was founded in 1350.

Mo Ko Chang National Park: It is located in the Trat Province, which is in the eastern Thailand. This national park has above 50 islands or you can say it is developed with 50 islands. With lush forest and peaceful environment, here you will experience the best of Thailand here.

These are the top parks of Thailand to be explored when you travel here.

Budget Europe travel

Every traveller wishes to travel the world on a budget which fits their pocket. Especially when travelling to Europe. A cheap Europe holiday is all that is on the mind of the tourist. Europe is a huge continent and very beautiful as well. Each country or city of Europe has a lot to offer to all the age groups of travellers. One needs to travel within Europe to explore the different destinations. This can be done by flights. Since a few years the many airlines are competing with each other to offer the lowest air fares. However do we need the lowest air fares at the cost of hassles? I guess no one would want that. But being a little extra careful will make you safe from these hassles.

The low cost airlines are low not because they offer low services. It is because they choose the airports that are away from the city of travel and one need to make an effort to reach the main city. This reduces the cost of the airlines to land the aircrafts and this can be distributed as a discount. The timings of these airlines are also in the wee hours or off hours where less people travel making it more vulnerable to discounts. However in case if the traveller is stuck at one of these airports due to some unavoidable circumstances then there are changes that they may face a tough time to get out of such a situation.

The other way to budget travel is by Euro Rail. This is the most convenient and the cheap way to travel Europe. It is a world recognised service which is spread in the interior parts of Europe. One can purchase a single journey or a multiple journey pass to save on the costs and hassles to purchase a ticket at each destination. The Euro travel would be a memorable experience for the travellers.

Europe – The best travel destinations

If you are asked a simple question of naming the best tourist destination, what would it be? The answer what most people would give is Europe. Yes Europe is one of the most visited continents in the world. It is a leading tourist destination and also the most expensive, if not planned well. Europe has many great countries in its vicinity which should be explored by all the tourists. But this can burn a big hole in your pocket as well. So make sure that all is planned in advance so that you can enjoy to the core without worrying about the budget.

Flights to Europe are many and can be booked well in advance so that you may save some bucks before you start the trip. There are many low cost airlines that can be looked up at, to book the tickets. However these low cost airlines follow the rule of save costs to gain more profits. This means they would choose the airports which are far off from the city so that their costs are saved and a part of it can be given away as discounts. However if you are stranded for some reason on one of these airports then you would have tough time to get out of it.

However travel in Europe is easy with Euro rail. It is one of the best rail systems in the world. It is very efficient and costs less as well. One can purchase a pass which is valid for more than one destination and for a couple of days so that the traveller can save on the cost as well as enjoy different destinations in one rail pass. There are many historic places like Eiffel Tower, The Coliseum, Big Ben and many more places which make the Europe travel exciting. So make sure to visit all these places and make memories for a lifetime.

Guide for Thailand Travel

Thailand is the best place to visit for travelers. One should be able to connect with the country to a large extent ass it has something in store for all age groups. It is very easy to book a package and visit Thailand. However one should make sure that they have a travel guide with them for an extensive tour of Thailand to the core. In case if the traveler does not wish to hire a travel guide then they can also opt for a guide book which is easily available at the airports or in stores. This guide gives you complete information about Thailand in detail and the road map as well.

Such travel guides have information on the best places to be visited during the time of visit. It has the places of importance that must be visited. Food is a great part of any travel. People wish to try almost all the famous cuisines of a particular destination. They wish to have these dishes at the best places in town. These travel guides have all the information regarding the best restaurants and their various mouth watering cuisines. Thailand being on the coastal lines is famous for the sea foods.

Bangkok is a place where you will find many street vendors serving hot delicious meals to its customers. Most of the famous cuisines are found on the streets of Bangkok itself. It is hygienic and relishing as well. The local people of Thailand are known for their humble and soft spoken nature. This is because the major income generator of Thailand is tourism. One more reason for such courteous behavior is because they preach Buddhism which teaches the art of living life in the simplest manner. The culture of Thailand is very diverse and great to explore. Thailand is a must visit for the explorer category of travelers.